Why Crawl When You Can Drive? The Benefits of a Party Bus for Your Pub Crawl

9 May 2016
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On many occasions, a pub crawl can be a largely spontaneous event. Having said that, there are some times when you actually plan to head to a number of bars and pubs within a single evening, rather than having it happen spontaneously after work on a Friday evening. When it comes to a birthday party, or a hens or bucks night, there are times when a pub crawl needs to be well thought out. The easiest way to do this is by hiring a party bus. Most bus hire companies tend to offer such a service, and a party bus differs somewhat from renting a regular bus and driver. So what are some of the benefits of hiring a party bus? 

Staying Together

When a group excursion involves going from one bar to another, it's possible that someone will wander off. Fortunately, the framework of having a party bus makes it more difficult for someone to actually become lost. Once you all pile on the bus to travel to the next venue, it becomes obvious when someone is not there, allowing you to track them down more quickly and ensure that they're safe.

Keep the Party Going

Naturally, you need to drink responsibly. But of course, you might want to keep the party going between venues. You can drink on a party hire bus, and the vehicle can become more like a venue for the night rather than your mode of transportation. Try drinking on a public bus or train and see how far that gets you! Some bus hire companies can even hire a party bus that has a built-in dancefloor. However, just because you can drink on the bus, it doesn't mean that you have to. Your time on the bus could also be your water-only downtime.

Better Quality of Party

It's important to hire an actual party bus tour as opposed to a standard bus and driver. A party bus package allows you to determine your itinerary, with the organisers then contacting the venues in question. Drinks specials and even VIP entry can be possible. A good party bus will get you straight off the bus and into the venue. Giving a snooty look to everyone waiting in the queue that you're jumping is entirely optional!

Sticking to a Schedule

You only hire the bus for a predetermined period of time. So while this type of evening allows you to let your hair down, you will do so in a controlled fashion. There's a rough itinerary, so you'll know where you'll be at any given point in the evening. There's also a finishing time for the evening (when the bus hire comes to an end, and you and your party are dropped off somewhere). You might opt to be left at the last bar or pub of the evening, or you might opt to be dropped off at the most convenient point for everyone to go home.

When your awesome pub crawl evening comes to an end, please remember to ensure that there's a designated driver, or easy access to public transport.