Three Critical Considerations for Chartering a Rental Bus for Your Trip

22 October 2017
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If you are planning on travelling with your colleagues, friends or family, you should consider chartering a rental bus for your trip. Typically, buses are favourable because they can accommodate more people, and they promote social activity during the entire journey. However, you should note that there are multiple rental bus options in the market. So, selecting the right vehicle for your corporate or personal trip can be challenging. Here are some critical factors to help you choose the best rental bus for chartering: Read More 

Flying High: Things You Should Know Before Attempting Your Pilot’s License

22 August 2017
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For many, the thought of flying a plane is a lifelong dream.  The thought of looking down at the landscape of the world below as you fly along in a plane of your own is enough to make many people jealous of those who already have pilot's licenses - but those who don't need not worry.  As private flying grows as a hobby, lessons are becoming more and more affordable; taking on flying as an interest of your own need no longer be a goal as far-off as the clouds. Read More 

Top Strategies to Help You Minimise Failure of Truck Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

6 June 2017
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Hydraulic hoses have so many applications in the truck fleet management industry. These hoses are used for fluid conveyance in engine coolant lines, transmission coolant lines, air brake systems, air compressor lines, pressurised hot oil return lines, auto air conditioning systems and the list goes on and on. An important part of the truck fleet management process involves ensuring that the hydraulic hoses are kept in good working order, so as to avoid operational letdowns that may result in unexpected downtime. Read More 

Opt For Chauffeured Corporate Cars for Your Airport Transfers

27 October 2016
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As a business traveler, you undoubtedly know how getting to or leaving the airport can be a frantic experience. This is more so if you are driving yourself to and from the airport. To eliminate all this inconvenience, you should consider chauffeured corporate cars to meet your needs. Below are some of the reasons why chauffeured corporate cars would be a great alternative for your airport transfers. Chauffeured corporate cars are reliable Read More 

What to Ask When Booking Any Type of Airport Transfer Service

30 June 2016
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When booking an airport transfer service, or when trying to find one at the airport after you've arrived, you need to realize that these services are not like actual taxis. They usually involve a shuttle of some type, and you will need to share the ride with others. Because they're somewhat different than a private cab, note a few questions to ask to ensure you know what's involved with their service and you don't have any surprises when trying to get from one airport to another. Read More