Benefits of Refrigerated Logistics to Businesses

20 October 2020
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Refrigerated transport makes it easy for Australian businesses to transport food, medicines, artwork, personal care products, and other items that need climate-controlled logistics. While traditional trucks have been a reliable means of transport for decades, they are impractical when moving perishable goods.

Refrigerated transport companies do more than loading perishable items in trucks: they take inventory of your stock and determine the best transport conditions. Logistics experts will also formulate a plan to load up the items as quickly as possible to minimise spoilage. They will also monitor your products during the journey and offload them quickly at the destination. Other benefits of hiring refrigerated transport include:

Preserve Value

Consumers demand fresh food products, whether your business sells fruits, nuts, vegetables or plants. For example, a seafood company based in Tasmania needs to preserve its fisheries products when selling to a restaurant in Sydney. If the products spoil along the way, the seafood companies will lose out on sales and reputation.

Companies in foodservice distribution cannot function without refrigerated logistics, given how easily food goes bad in unsuitable conditions. 90% of Australian food has been transported in refrigerated vehicles at some point, which helps companies pass food safety tests in the country and abroad.


Refrigerated transport helps companies to transport their items at any time, regardless of the season. It can get quite hot in Australia, with recent temperatures topping 105.6 degrees. The country is also no stranger to massive fires, which further adds to the weather's unpredictability. Use refrigerated trucks to avoid planning your company's logistics around unpredictable weather conditions.

Compliance With Custom Laws

Companies are keen to cut costs, and they can choose to forego expert transportation when shipping perishable items. However, some countries and regions have strict standards concerning how products like medications, vaccines and food are allowed to enter their territories, and you should leave international shipping to the professionals.

Efficient Packing

Refrigerated trucks have various compartments if you are transporting items that need different temperatures. For example, if you oversee a catering company, you can move both frozen and refrigerated goods in one trip. The increased efficiency will also save you transportation costs. Most refrigerated transport companies will also tailor-make their services for the nature of your cargo.


Inventory is the most critical asset for a business that sells products, and you should try and protect it during transportation. Refrigerated transport will shield your cargo from spoilage, weather conditions, damage and loss of value. For example, a high-end gallery will require particular logistics to preserve the value of rare paintings. A refrigerated company will transport the paintings in a temperature-controlled environment and deliver them as they were received.