3 Reasons to Use Refrigerated Transport to Ship Your Wine Orders

9 May 2022
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If you outsource shipping on your wine orders, then you don't just need to find a company that can deliver on time at the right cost. You also need to think about how shipping might affect the wines your customers order from you.

You can use refrigerated transport services here. This option gives you a climate-controlled environment while your wines are out for delivery. What are the advantages of this kind of transport?

1. Keep Your Wines in Good Shape

Wine doesn't always travel well. If it gets too hot or too cold, then its composition and colour can change. This affects the way the wine tastes and the way it looks. These changes are irreversible and, in some cases, might make a wine undrinkable.

Problem is, you can't always predict the weather. You might ship an order in good weather conditions only to find that the weather gets too hot or too cold during the journey. Plus, standard courier vans can themselves transfer heat and cold to the items they carry.

If you use refrigerated transport, then you can control the climate in which your orders travel. You can ask your transport company to set the inside of their vans or trucks to a specific temperature range. This ensures that your wine orders travel in optimum conditions and won't be affected by their journey.

2. Reduce Complaints and Refunds

If some of your orders spoil on their journey, then some of your customers might complain and ask for refunds. Customer complaints won't help your business reputation. People will stop ordering from you. They might leave online reviews or tell other people about what happened to their wine.

If you have to make regular refunds, then your business profits will take a hit. If you use regular vans and trucks, then you can't expect your transport company to cover these costs. Climate control isn't part of your contract with them.

Refrigerated transport will reduce the number of complaints you get. You'll have to make fewer temperature-related refunds. If a shipment does have a problem, then your transport company is more likely to pay for it if their van or truck was at fault.

3. Give Your Customers a Value-Added Benefit

If you have to compete with other companies to bring in customers, then any extra service you offer could help you get more orders. Chances are, your competitors won't offer refrigerated transport. So, you can use this as a unique selling point. It might give more people the confidence to buy from you.

To find out more, contact refrigerated transport companies and ask how they can help you fulfil your wine orders.