What to Ask When Booking Any Type of Airport Transfer Service

30 June 2016
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When booking an airport transfer service, or when trying to find one at the airport after you've arrived, you need to realize that these services are not like actual taxis. They usually involve a shuttle of some type, and you will need to share the ride with others. Because they're somewhat different than a private cab, note a few questions to ask to ensure you know what's involved with their service and you don't have any surprises when trying to get from one airport to another.

Ask if they have recharging for your phone

Some shuttles will have electrical connections for recharging your phone; you may need an adapter to use them, but this can be very convenient and mean that you don't need to find an outlet at the airport. On the other hand, don't assume that because an airport transfer services means a shuttle or bus that they will have electrical hookup, Wi-Fi, and the like. Each service will be different in what they offer, and you don't want to make assumptions when it comes to your phone or internet access.

Always ask how much luggage and carry-on bags they allow without an added fee

If you have an excessive amount of luggage, and especially if you have carry-on bags, you might ask how many pieces they allow without an added fee. The shuttle luggage compartment can only hold so many bags, and their overhead compartments might be not be as spacious as on an airplane. You may need to pay for an extra seat to keep your added luggage next to you, so ask about this to ensure you know what fees to expect.

Note if you need any special identification or papers to use the service

When taking an airport transfer, you may be obligated to show your plane ticket. Some might also ask for picture identification. Each shuttle service may be different, so be sure you ask and will have the right paperwork on hand including a printout of your plane ticket if needed.

Ask about bringing children onboard

Children may not be allowed to sit in a parent's lap during a transfer, and you may need to find a shuttle service with appropriate child seats. The age of children may affect the type of seat needed, so note this when calling ahead or arranging transfer, as legal requirements will vary from location to location when it comes to children riding in the shuttle.