Making School Travel Easier, More Convenient, and Safer

10 January 2018
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Whether your children are just starting their education or their academic pursuits are coming to an end, school travel forms a vital part of their attendance. Unless the school of your choice is within walking distance, you need to consider your school travel options to make life simpler for yourself and your little ones. From school buses through to sharing rides, there are lots of ways to make sure your child stays safe.

Choosing a school coach or minibus

Although some schools provide coaches, others may rely on you finding a workaround that involves public transport. Naturally, if your children are particularly young, you may not want to choose this route. One option is to find other parents in the area who are facing the same problem. With enough participants, you can use a coach contract as your school travel solution and make sure your little ones arrive on time, in a safe manner. Alternatively, if there are fewer of you, a minibus may be more appropriate.

Smaller options, such as taxis

If you don't have enough children to fill a coach or minibus, opting for a shared taxi service is your next best option. Many taxi firms are willing to secure school travel contracts. A major advantage to this is that you can still split the cost with other parents. Additionally, most local governments require taxis to meet certain standards, and their drivers must have a clean criminal record and a clean driving license. As a result, you maintain the same level of convenience, while remaining assured that your children are safe.

Ad-hoc options for trips and events

Using coaches, minibuses and taxis isn't just useful for parents. If you're an educator and you want to plan a field trip or event, using a private transport option is more convenient for several reasons:

  • Unlike trains and other forms of public transport, you always know where the pupils are and who is interacting with them
  • Insurance costs are usually less
  • Parents remain reassured that their children are safe, which may lead to higher participation in the trip or event

Opting for private transportation also ensures your trip remains flexible. As such, if there are any last-minute changes in plans, you can adjust accordingly.

Ultimately, school travel doesn't have to be stressful. Exploring private options allows you to fortify your plans, keep your children safe and stay organised. Whether you're transporting a large group or a small gathering, consider the use of coaches, minibuses or taxis.