Social Benefits of Operating a Cold Food Supply Business

20 March 2018
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If you are interested in the food supply business, then you can try your hand at cold food supply. With Australia's population growing rapidly, the demand for more fresh food has never been higher. Coupled with the fact that Australia throws away about $10billion worth of food, you start to understand why cold food supply chain is necessary. However, while there is profit to be made from this line of business, you can achieve more concerning socially related objectives. This post highlights some social benefits of operating a cold food supply business.

Reduce Food Waste -- As stated earlier, approximately $10 billion worth of food goes to waste annually in Australia. Most of the waste can be attributed to lack of proper storage during transportation to various destinations. To reduce the wastage, cold food supply businesses can liaise with food vendors such as hypermarkets and supply food products using the just-in-time-production strategy. In this case, your business will only supply food products as and when needed, and in specific quantities. For instance, if a supermarket gets monthly vegetable supplies, your company can offer to make weekly deliveries. The strategy will prevent food from sitting on shelves longer than necessary and going bad if the stock is not cleared within a specified date.

Environmental Protection -- Cold food supply businesses deliver food globally with most traversing thousands of miles to various destinations. If there were no refrigerated transportation, most of the food would find its way into landfills and consequently decompose to release carbon dioxide gas, which is terrible news for the environment. Your business, therefore, has a significant role to in protection of the environment. The advantage is that customers today want to be associated with companies that take the initiative to protect the environment in whichever way possible.

Enhance Economic Growth of Small Farmers -- Transportation cost is considered one of the leading challenges that facing small farmers in Australia face today. Ensuring that food reaches its destination from the farm at minimal expenses is critical for the survival of small-scale farmers. Getting agricultural products from farmers and delivering the same to clients within the shortest time possible will ensure that the product gets to the market when still fresh. Since clients are always looking for fresh and tasty farm produce, your refrigerated transportation business will experience growth in no time. Further, you will provide a ready market for small farmers and develop them economically.